30 Dec 2011

Dance Music for Dancing Days

It's almost New Year's Eve!

Do you have plans? Are you having dinner with family or friends?

In my family we eat together for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Three Kings Day.
However, we spend New Year's Eve with friends having dinner out or going clubbing.

This video is a very famous dance music song by Bob Sinclar & Craig David.
Listening to this song always cheers me up! It's an old song but I like it a lot!

I haven't found a video with the lyrics. So, check the lyrics on the following link:

Which song cheers you up?
Share your plans with us!

1 comment:

  1. On Christmas eve i ate with my family. On New Year´s eve i´ll eat with my girlfriend´s family. Later, after midnight we´ll go to a friend costumes party. Its a party about famous films couples i´ll be Neo and my girlfriend Trinity from Matrix.

    About a song that cheers me up... i think Jump by Van Halen.