28 Mar 2013

Keep calm and read a book

Many students didn't do very well in the reading comprehension part of the exam. 
The solution is very simple:

Now that we're on holiday, enjoy and read a book!

27 Mar 2013

Word of the week: To tail someone

This week's word is

to tail someone

which is an informal way of saying to follow somebody and keep them under surveillance.

Example: A flock of paparazzi has tailed them all over Berlin. 

A similar expression is on someone's tail which means following somebody closely

Example: A police car stayed on her tail for ten minutes. 

25 Mar 2013

Podcast: Culture shock

This week's podcast is related to one of the topics for the last speaking exam.

Listen to it and then you can do the fill-in the gaps exercise. 
You have the answers on the same webpage on the right.

Have a good practice!

23 Mar 2013

Taylor Swift

This singer has been my latest discovery. I know she's been singing for some years and I can't talk about her previous albums since I haven't listened to them yet. But I absolutely love her last release Red. I keep listening to it. There are so many songs I like such as State of Grace, I knew you were trouble, All too wellStarlight. I also love what she's written about her on her official website. We have a lot of things in common from jumping up and down at good news and believing 'love is everything' to liking antique stores and Meredith Grey.     

Do you like her music?

20 Mar 2013

Word of the week: Practice makes perfect!

This week's expression is for all of you who are having exams these days

practice makes perfect

and it means that doing something over and over again is the only way to learn to do it well. So, if you practise English a lot, you'll do well in your exams, for example. 

I know it may sound as something teachers say a lot. However, when it comes to languages, practice is everything. I've learned from experience that if you watch many TV series in English, you'll improve your listening skills; and if you read a lot of books, you'll improve your reading comprehension. 

So, now that you know how, you just have to do it!

18 Mar 2013

Podcast: Hotel living

Can you imagine yourself living in a hotel room forever? Would you consider this option if it were much cheaper than a house? Hong Kong people are already doing it. Listen to the following podcast.

What do you think of this alternative?

17 Mar 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Irish people get a little carried away by St. Patrick's Day. They're very proud of being Irish, and they like to show it especially on this day, as you can see from the pics.

If you want to celebrate this day too, you can try to do a nice recipe as the ones in the following images. (Click below the image to get to the recipe).
Enjoy the day!

15 Mar 2013

Don't doubt

Believe in yourself and be confident! 
That's the best advice I can give you.

Source: behappy.me via Adriana on Pinterest

14 Mar 2013

Word of the week: To miss the boat

This week's expression is

to miss the boat

which means not taking advantage of a good opportunity.

Example: Pay attention or you'll miss the boat and not learn English.

If you want some more examples in context, click and listen to the following audio: To miss the boat

13 Mar 2013

Snow, snow, snow!

Just a few weeks ago it snowed a lot in several parts of Spain, including our region. Being from the south of Spain it's very rare for me to see snow, and I must confess I smile like a child when I see it. However, it can be dangerous when you need to travel.

Now it seems to be snowing again! Not only in our region but all over Europe. Read the following article to see how snow is affecting countries around the world. 

Do you like it when it snows?

Podcast: Monitoring microblogs

Do you know that in some countries there's still a censorship as to what can be written on the net? For example in China, if you write something politically sensitive, it'll be deleted immediately. Listen to the following podcast on this topic.

So, what's your opinion on this?

6 Mar 2013

Word of the week: Out of place

This week's expression is

out of place

which means in a setting where one is or feels inappropriate.

A green suit was out of place at the funeral.
He had always felt out of place in her family.

2 Mar 2013

Keep on learning, Always!