26 Dec 2012

Word of the week: Eatery

This week's word is


which means a restaurant or place which serves food.

Example: We usually go to lunch at an eatery that is just around the corner from the office.

23 Dec 2012

Speak Languages to Learn!

Have a look at this video made by teachers & students 
of Official Language Schools.

For a better future: study languages!

21 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas!

One more year Merry Christmas everybody!!

I wish you a lovely holiday with all your beloved ones

Here you can listen and watch one of my favourite Christmas carols: 
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! 

19 Dec 2012

Word of the week: Let yourself go

This week's expression is

let yourself go

which means to allow yourself to become less attractive or healthy. 

Example: It's easy to let yourself go when you have small kids. 

This meaning is quite negative. However, this expression has a positive connotation too, meaning to relax completely and enjoy yourself.

Example: It's a party, let yourself go!

17 Dec 2012

Podcast: Lost love on the Tiber

Do you know that due to a novel some couples put a small padlock on a bridge and toss the key down into the river as a symbol of their love. I must confess I did it when I visited Rome two years ago. What about you?

You can check the trascript and learn some new vocabulary.

Would you like to put your own lock? 
Have you ever done any similar romantic gestures?

13 Dec 2012

Christmas Adverts

Christmas is here! Have you realized? I'm sure you have, especially if you watch TV which is full of commercials advertising toys and perfume these days. 

In Spain people also expect to watch our famous advert which promotes cava with its golden characters. In the same way, in the UK there's an inspiring ad from a company. This year's advertisement is called 'The Journey' and celebrates the extra mile we go to at Christmas to find the perfect gift. 

12 Dec 2012

Word of the week: Whimsical

This week's word is


an adjective which means determined by chance, impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason (when applied to people) and unusual or not serious in a way that is amusing or annoying (when referring to things).  

It's hard to make plans with such a whimsical friend. 
His songs are supposed to be whimsical but they are rather laboured. 

5 Dec 2012

Encouragement for exams

We're starting our exams very soon and I'd like to encourage my students to do well. Don't get nervous, we're only practising for the real exams. 
Remember everything I've taught you and please study!! 


Good luck!

3 Dec 2012

Phrasal Verbs Practice

I know, I know, phrasal verbs are difficult, so that's why you need to use them a lot in order to remember their meanings. However, don't go crazy trying to memorize them, it won't work that way. You need to find them several times in texts, exercises, listening and finally you will learn these verbs and start using them in your own productions. 

Here you can find several websites with activities to practise them:

and even another of me posts on phrasal verbs here.

Enjoy your practice!