6 Oct 2014

Practise Discourse Markers

Hey students, we've seen in class how important discourse markers are. Now here you are some more activities to practise them. 

Linkers 1
Linkers 2
Linkers 3
Linkers 4

Remember you have the grammar explanation in your book in unit 1 and also in unit 4. Besides, there's also a very complete list of discourse markers which you should print and study.

Enjoy the practice!

3 Oct 2014

Extra Grammar Activities 2B2

Hi English Students!
I've included in this post the links to all the extra grammar activities which you can use to reinforce the contents seen in class (in the 2nd advanced course 2B2). You need to print the documents in order to do them. Remember to use these documents after seeing the corresponding section in class.

1A     1B     1C     2A     2B     2C     3A     3B     3C     
4A     4B     4C     5A     5B     5C     6A     6B     6C     
7A     7B     7C     Answers 1    Answers 2 

The correct answers are also included, so you can check your answers once you've done them, of course.

If you have questions, ask in class or in a comment and other students or the teacher will answer your doubts.

Enjoy the practice!

2 Oct 2014

Grammar Checker for Advanced

Hey students! How are you doing?

As you know when you buy your advanced books, inside the workbook you can find a bunch of activities to revise the grammar contents of the previous year, called the Grammar Checker for Advanced. However, the key for these exercises is not included. Well, here you are.

You need to know the contents of this booklet well in order to be ready for the grammar contents of the advanced book. 

So, enjoy the weekend revising them!