3 Nov 2015

Extra Grammar Activities! 1B2

Hey Students!
You asked me the other day for more grammar activities to practise at home, and here you are! They're related to all the grammar contents of our upper-intermediate book. 

You just need to click on the link and print the specific section (e.g. 1A) and do it. Of course I've included the Answer Key so you can check your answers once you've done the activities.  

Intro   1A    1B    2A    2B    3A    3B    4A    4B    5A    5B    6A    6B    7A   7B    8A    8B   

 9A    9B    10A    10B          Answer Key 1        Anwer Key 2       Answer Key 3

Mini Grammar 1B      Mini Grammar 3A       Mini Grammar 7A

Mini Grammar 7B      Mini Grammar 8A     Mini Grammar 9A     Mini Grammar Key

If you have questions, ask in class or in a comment on this post and other students or the teacher will answer your doubts. 

Enjoy the practice!

21 Oct 2015

Discourse Markers List

If you need a complete list of discourse markers to use when writing and speaking, check out this one. Look at the examples since each marker is usually used in a particular position in the sentence and you need to bear that in mind. 

16 Oct 2015

Useful Expressions

When you're discussing topics they are some expressions you can use to sound more natural in English, for example to ask somebody's opinion "Helen, what do you think about this?", to state your opinion "The way I see it..." or to interrupt if the other speakers don't let you talk "Can I add something here?".

Besides, it's also necesary to agree or disagree with others in a conversation. So, you can use "I'm with you on this" to agree, or "I'm not sure about that" to disagree.

These are only some examples, but there are many others you can use. 

Here you have a document with a list of useful expressions. I recommend you print it and use it when discussig topics. It's good practice for the exam!

1 Oct 2015

New academic year 2015-2016

Here we are again starting a new academic year 
and it's absolutely true the saying 'time flies'!

So a new year with new students, new things to learn and teach, 
to share, to discuss, to work hard and enjoy. 

I hope my students will be as curious as me.