30 Sep 2013

Podcast: UK Mums Protest Over Pink Girls' Toys

The other day in class we discussed sexist attitudes and now it's time to listen to a podcast related to this topic. This podcast is from the website Breaking News English where you can find plenty of audio files to practise your listening comprehension. Apart from the audio file, you have some exercises to do related to the listening as well as the transcript and the key, so it's a very complete site for English students. 

Click on the following link to go to the topic: UK mums protest over pink girls' toys. On that site you'll need to click on the MP3 at the top on the left to listen to the audio file.

This podcast says that pink stinks. Do you agree? Share your opinion in a comment.

26 Sep 2013

Word of the week: The penny dropped

This week's idiom is

the penny dropped

which means that you have finally understood something.

Example: It was only when I saw Peter's car outside Sally's house that the penny dropped and I realised they were having an affair. 

23 Sep 2013

Back to School

Hey students, we start a new school year today, so it's about time you prepare your things to go back to school. As you can see we have a new look on the blog. I hope you'll like it.

This blog has been created for English students and that means you can interact with me and with other students by writing comments on the posts. It's very easy to write a comment, just click on the comments at the end of each published post. 

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Good luck for all of you on this new school year. I hope you'll learn a lot.