22 Nov 2013

Word of the week: Catfish

This week's word is the noun


which, apart from a type of fish, is used to refer to someone who pretends to be someone they're not, generally using social networking sites to create false identities with the aim of pursuing online romances.

Example: I was really falling for that gorgeous guy on Facebook, but he turned out to be a catfish. 

16 Nov 2013


Homeland is undoubtedly the best TV show I've seen in the last two years, a psychological thriller which has received many awards and nominations. A gripping plot and an amazing acting, the perfect combination for a great TV series. 

Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody is considered a hero when he comes back home after eight years in captivity in Iraq. However, a driven CIA officer, Carrie Mathison, suspects he may have been turned and he might be planning a terrorist attack on American soil. 

3 Nov 2013

Courage to grow up

We've been talking in class about childhood, growing and growing up; about the difference between education and upbringing and now I want to share with you some inspiration. 

Have a nice day!

1 Nov 2013


We played a prefixes domino in class the other day and I promised to give you a list of all the possible words you could create with the prefixes given in that game. So, here you are (click). 

Now it's time to revise the grammar related to this matter. Have a look at the following documents

You should also pay attention to the pronunciation of prefixes since many of them vary from the Spanish pronunciation. You can watch the following video where you have some of the most common prefixes pronounced. 

And if you want practice, here you are some very good links with exercises: