12 Dec 2011

Podcast: Online Shopping

Shops are finding it difficult to stay in business because sales are down for the third year in a row. On the other hand, the trend of online shopping is increasing and a quarter of all Christmas shopping will be done online. Listen to the following podcast about this topic:

As always, you can check the transcript on this link:


I'm a little bit shopaholic and I like buying things online since you can access shops from all over Spain and even international shops. I've bought many things online: books, flights, clothes, accessories... I must confess I've already bought a Christmas present online this month.

What about you? Have you ever bought anything online?
What did you buy? Are you a shopaholic? Tell us!


  1. I am not a shopaholic, but I have bought flights and I have booked hotels in Spain and in other counties.
    Recently I have bought an e-book.

    Toñi Torres.

  2. I.ve been shopping online since 1999/2000 i like collect antiques, like photocameras, timepieces or militaria items. ebay and other sites like todocolección are the best places to find new pieces for my personal collection.