16 Apr 2012

Podcast: Gaffes

A gaffe is something someone says or does which wasn't meant to be heard or done and causes embarrassment or offence.

Have you ever made a gaffe? I'm sure we all have at some point in our lives. However, politicians must be very careful about their gaffes since they can offend other countries.

Listen to the following podcast about political gaffes.

As usual, you can also check the transcript after listening 2 or 3 times.


Tell me! Have you ever made a gaffe? What happened?


  1. Two weeks ago, my cousin and I saw a friend with a woman, and my cousin didn't know the woman and he asked our friend:
    Who is she? Is your mother?
    And our friend answered my cousin: No, she isn't at all. She is my wife!
    Then, my cousin said: well ehhh see you, bye.
    It was a really hilarious situation if you weren't the woman.


  2. Oops, yeah, I can imagine she didn't laugh at all!! And neither her husband, probably!
    One must be very careful with comments on age,..., you know, people might get offended.