13 Jan 2012

Bryan Adams

In this new year I want to talk to you about my favourite singer of all times: Bryan Adams. In fact, he's the reason I'm here today teaching English through this blog. Let me explain. When I was a teenager I wanted to learn English in order to understand his songs, and look at me today, here I am, an English teacher, thanks to him!

There are many songs I love from this singer. I can mention for example When you're Gone, Have you Ever Really Loved a Woman, All for Love, The Best of Me, Please Forgive Me, Cloud Number Nine, among many others.

The following video features Heaven, a very romantic song.

I saw him in concert in the Odyssey Arena (Belfast) in 2005 and I must confess it was an incredible experience. He was great, amazing, really involved with the audience. He continued singing after saying goodbye for a couple of times, just because the audience kept asking him for songs. I've been to many concerts, but none like this one. He's just a real artist!

If you had to choose only one singer, which one would it be?

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