Dear Whitney, may I call you Whitney? I feel like I've known you all my life.....I have followed your career from its inception...your ups and downs....I never left your side, no matter what others said to hurt your pride...when the chips were down I stayed around. Your voice soothed me in my painful times and lifted me when I needed inspiration. I wish I could have been there by your side during your tough times, to be that friend that said I'M NOT GOING..I'M STAYING and you are going to get through this........ I pray that in your moment of solitude before leaving found that peace that surpasses all have left us with beautiful music, performances both recorded and LIVE that you can be proud of.....WHITNEY ELIZABETH HOUSTON...SUPERSTAR, DIVA, ICON...THANK YOU , THANK YOU FOR GRACING US WITH YOUR GIFT! YOU WERE CLASS PERSONIFIED.....FLY MY SWEET SWEET ANGEL.....YOU ARE FINALLY FREE....FLY.