20 Apr 2012

Craig David

One of my favourite R&B singers is Craig David. I guess so far you're thinking "she has loads of favourite singers and bands" and it's definitely true! I love music as much as I love teaching, so in these posts I can easily mix my two things! :-)

Well, back to Craig David, he's an English singer-songwriter, born in Southampton, the city of the Titanic. He composed incredibly famous songs such as Walking Away, 7 Days or  Fill me in when he was only 17 years old. And at the age of 18 he became the youngest solo male artist ever to reach Number 1 in the UK. Since then he's been releasing albums and collecting awards. 

There are many songs I like by Craig David, he has this kind of special style I don't get fed up with listening to it all over again. Apart from the songs mentioned before, I love Just chillin, This is the girl, Separate ways and Insomnia.  

One of his most recent songs is One more lie. Click on it to watch the video.

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