27 Apr 2012

Keith Urban

An amazing Australian country music singer I love is Keith Urban. I discovered him in a Bryan Adams' concert many years ago, since Keith Urban was the supporting artist, you know, the one who performs right before the big one. From that very beginning I liked his music, and the following day I looked for his album.  

I wasn't sure about which song I should post on this blog since there are many I love, so I'm going to give you links to many songs you can listen to. If you want rhythmic songs listen to: Better half, Once in a lifetimeI told you soDays go by. On the contrary, if you're feeling more sentimental or nostalgic you can listen to: These are the days,  Memories of us. One of his most popular songs is Somebody Like You.

What do you think of this artist? Do you like this kind of music?

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