6 Jun 2013

Sample Writing Tasks

I know, I know! You're all very worried about the exam at this point. However, you shouldn't be, since we've been working hard the whole year and you're more than prepared for it, as I told you in class.

Some of you asked about the writing exam and the possibility of encountering a writing task from previous years in the final exam. I recommended you to check all the writing tasks in the advanced and upper-intermediate books.

Besides, one of your classmates told me about a webpage with examples of writing texts for your level (B2). In fact, it's quite an interesting webpage since it includes not only the sample texts but also explanatory notes and useful expressions. So, you can have a look at it in order to study for your exam. 

Have a good study time!


  1. perez-garc-a13 June, 2013

    Thank you very much, Aurora and Adriana!!