27 Oct 2013

TV Show: Betrayal

A language is used for communication and consequently the most important thing is to understand and be understood. Foreign language students usually need to practise listening, a skill many people find difficult. However, all you need is a lot of practice! 

I strongly recommend watching TV shows in English without subtitles in advanced levels. When I say this in class, the next question is: which one? Well, that depends on your interests and likes. Since you can watch a TV show not only to learn English but also to be entertained, the most logical option is to choose one you really like. 

A new one I've recently discovered is Betrayal. Set in the amazing city of Chicago, it stars a beautiful photographer who begins an affair with a lawyer for a powerful family. Both unhappily married to other people and somehow involved in a murder trial on separate sides. You can watch the trailer below.

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