9 Dec 2011

Ashlee Simpson

Another amazing singer, songwriter and actress is Ashlee Simpson. She rose to prominence with her debut album Autobiography in 2004. Her older sister Jessica Simpson is also a singer. In fact, Ashlee began her career as a back-up dancer for her sister who was already famous. However, Ahslee was from the very beginning different from her sister due to her particular music style and her rock-punk image.

The song I want to show you is Shadow and belongs to her album Autobiography. I've always thought that in this song she's singing to her sister Jessica. Pay attention to the lyrics and tell me what you think.

Other interesting songs from her are: Undiscovered, No Time for Tears and Pieces of Me.


  1. Hi!
    I have never listened to her! And I prefer other kind of music but I liked the lyrics of the songs.I don't know if this song it's for her sister but it will be really wonderful! I will try to listen other songs of her!


  2. Hi Adriana!

    I didn´t know this singer. I think she is really good.

    Good job!