1 Feb 2012

Word of the week: "Hair-raising"

This week's adjective is


and it means extremely frightening but often exciting, in other words, something so scary that your hair stands up.

Example: The other day I read a hair-raising story about dead people.

Now tell us in a comment!
Have you ever had a hair-raising experience
that scared you to death?


  1. I had a hair-raising experience when I visited the house of terror in Madrid.

    Mari Carmen

  2. By the time when I was twelve more or less, I remember that I was with my parents in the cinema. We were going to see the second part of the film Alien; Aliens2. I don't remember anything about the film because I closed my eyes every time that I was scared -all the movie-. I was so afraid that at that night I didn´t sleep. It was a hair raising experience.

  3. When I went to Turkey, I had a hair-raising experience, so that it had a lot of turbulences for the fly.

    Paco P.

  4. That's true! Terror films or the house of terror are very good examples of hair-raising experiences!!
    Watching "The Shining" with Jack Nicholson when I was a child was a hair-raising experience for me!
    And the turbulences on the flight, very scary!!!

    Let's see what other hair-raising experiences people had!