28 Mar 2012


We talked in class about believing or not in luck, and if we think some people are born lucky or not. If you didn't have time in class to express your opinion or if you have more to say on this subject, write a comment! We can continue the class debate in here.

Do you want to know my opinion?

I believe luck exists. I think it's one more thing we have in life. However, I strongly believe that one person can change his/her luck if they try hard enough. One of my favourite quotations about luck is "Luck meets a prepared mind". 

Do you know more quotations on luck?

1 comment:

  1. I've found two quotaions about luck. The first one is similar to yours.
    'Luck is what happens when preparations meets opportunity'
    And the second one expresses how your personal relationships can affect your luck.
    'Your luck is how you try people'