31 Oct 2012

Spooky Halloween

Halloween is here, and with it the orange colour, pumpkins, witches, skeletons, ghosts, parties and even trick or treat! We even have plenty of recipes to scare our guests. Have a look at this Top 10 Halloween recipes article. 

But what do you think of this holiday and the recent custom of celebrating Anglo-Saxon traditions in Spain? Is it a good idea? 
Or should we preserve only our own traditions?

Discussion is open! Write your opinion in a comment!


  1. Carmen Parras01 November, 2012

    hello adriana!!
    well... i think that we should be opened to new traditions, for example the famous "tomatina" was prohibited because the mayor did not like that kind of party and now... you see, it is an International Tourist Festival!So I think that we can celebrate this party and may be, one day it will be part of our tradition, but in fact, it is a good oportunity to dress up and have a good time with your friends :)
    Nevertheless,we should protect our traditions because I think they are part of our personality.

  2. Hi. Personally, I think we should protect our own traditions because we're losing them, which is a shame.
    Instead of preserving our customs, we're adopting foreign ones. This has a positive point so new traditions make us rich culturally. However, we shouldn't replace them, it would be a way of losing our identity.
    Alicia P.

  3. Patricia Vela04 November, 2012

    I guess we should be opened to other cultures which will be good for our knowledge about foreign customs but that ought not to replace our own traditions.