9 Jan 2014

Live in English

Hey students! Do you remember I told you at the beginning of the academic year that at this level you should surround yourself by English as much as possible in your daily life? That means you should use your free time to read original version books in English or watch films or TV shows in English. Reading and listening are the basis for good writing and speaking. If you don't read and listen to English things daily you won't be able to write and speak properly in English. 

If you don't have much free time, as you always say, perhaps you can read one or two online articles of newspapers, such as The Guardian, or magazines, for instance Time Magazine, everyday. Or maybe you can follow some English blogs related to any topic you're interested in, decoration, DIY, fashion, history, etc. 

It's just a matter of finding your thing, that is to say, to find something entertaining for you so you don't feel that you're doing homework; you're using your free time in some kind of hobby but you're also practising the English language. 

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  1. I have English tv and I love watching Fox channel. Series like Modern Family or New Girl are great even more when I have seen the episode in spanish before :P