15 Dec 2011

Sesame Street

Good memories from my childhood come to my mind when I see these characters since I grew up with them. I still remember getting home from school and going directly to the sofa to watch them while eating my afternoon snack. Years later my friends and I used to laugh about how silly those cartoons were. However, now as an adult I can appreciate its importance for very young children since their characters used to teach moral values. 

Nowadays there are great cartoons but they seem to be created for adults more than for children.
What do you think?
Do you know these cartoons?
Did you use to watch them?


  1. When I was a child, the cartoons were only for children, but now, there are a lot of them created for adults, like "Family Guy's", "American Dad" o even "The Simpsons". Like parents we have to differenciate between ones and others and don't allow our children to watch any program.
    Of course I know "Sesame street", I used to watch them in my childhood, I liked them very much. My favourite character was Coco, so funny!


  2. we also watched these cartoons when we where children.

    ...we love cookies!!!

    Yolanda y Ana