16 Dec 2011

The Killers

I like The Killers very much. They are an American indie rock band. I've known them since 2005. I was living in Ireland by the time and my flatmate told me about them. When I listened to their first single I immediately liked them. My favourite songs are: "Jenny was a friend of mine" and "Human".

In this post I'm showing you one of their most famous songs: Mr Brightside.

Do you like them?
How long have you known them?


  1. I like the killers too. I,ve been hearing the killers since 2005-2006, when they released their album "hot fuss".

    This christmas song, played by the killers and Tony Halliday is gorgeous: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkxENCdwajA

  2. I've known The killers since last year, when one of my workmates recommended me listening to them. It isn't my favourite group, although I like it.

    Paco P.